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aGuitar Pro 2.0

It is a software utility for those who wants to improve their skills guitar
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aGuitar Pro is a software utility for those who wants to improve their musical skills of the base/guitar player. It is available for Windows operating system. It’s also very useful for beginner. Advance user can make music and test it whereas a beginner can practice and learn the base/guitar. It also provides keys/scales/chords references, tablature tool and midi tracks for practicing.
Many tools in single software make it easy for the user. Some options are very complex to use and a user may face difficulty to handle those but it’s a feature that makes it different from other where user have to download and install many software’s. Many exercises like ear training for learners help them to learn guitar. Midi band options for advance guitar users to help create own background tracks to practice your guitar playing. It also has multiple tuning supports. Chord generator is also supported by this software.
Overall it’s a great tool for guitar player and learners with great supporting tools. Guitar players will always find something new to do and this is going to help them a lot either for practicing or track creation.

Manoj Goel
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  • Useful for both advance and beginner
  • Ear training exercises
  • Many tools in single software
  • Automatic integration with Direct X


  • Advance tools make it more complex to use
  • Fewer samples make it difficult for learner
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